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A Special Circumstance. Positional Asphyxia.

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Death. It is one of those “things” that people are afraid of and yet are intrigued when it comes to celebrity deaths or high profile cases. When asked how I can “freak out” at the sight of a fly being swatted upon and yet remain calm and objective when it comes to death scenes, I just shrug my shoulders and smile (I really don’t have a clear cut reason why but I’m sure many of you can relate). I mean they are two different things.

So this leads me to my next rant: training. I was thinking…”how can I get training to you when I’m here and you’re there?”—there: another state, another country, another time zone. I figured it out! Offer a webinar!!

A webinar. Online training for you, no matter where you are! Our first webinar, Positional Asphyxia: An Introduction, will be held on March 12th and on March 19th. Each day will be 1 hour of training and you will receive a certificate of completion. The webinar will cover the types of asphyxia, associated evidence, and will focus primarily upon positional asphyxia, defined as “when death occurs as a result of the body’s position”.

Asphyxia defined.

Asphyxia defined.

This topic was always one of interest to me during my time at the coroner’s office and my training in forensics (case presentations, education, seminars, etc).

So…remember one of the first blogs you read on our page? The one about training in 2014? The one you read about getting your forensic career started? YES…THAT ONE!!…now is the time!

You want forensic training? We have it! Now you have it! REGISTER NOW!

Ok…rant is over! Get Trained! Stay Connected! Enough Said!

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