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Hear from the Experts! Enough Said!

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I love talk radio, 80s music, satellite radio, and baseball! Oh, and I LOVE forensics, forensic science text books, journals, and hearing from the experts. When the plan to develop a forensic training program (later born as Forensic Training Unlimited) was on a yellow piece of paper (I think it was on the back of a fast food receipt), I wanted to use all the experts I knew to help me launch this program and I wanted students, from our local area, Southern California, and students from other states and countries, to take advantage of this program.

One of the “experts” I’ve followed, Dr. Cyril H Wecht, is a forensic pathologist and has been a consultant in many high profile cases. He is the author of many books, including one of my favorites, “Mortal Evidence“, in which he examines famous cases, reviews the evidence behind each, and reveals his conclusion.  wechtHe is a dynamic speaker, and his passion for forensics and the truth can be heard in his voice.

Don’t believe me? Watch this interview  and spend some time with an expert! Enough Said.

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